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WWE videos with YzMichie

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WWE videos with YzMichie

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1WWE videos with YzMichie Empty WWE videos with YzMichie on Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:23 pm


Hi if you're interested in watching some wwe videos feel free to check out this video and my channel.

I have HD wwe 12 content with commentary and I regularly discuss different wwe topics.

In this video (a slightly older one I discuss weather a old wrestling company known as ECW had a negative effect on wrestling. Please watch the video before commenting on the topics Smile

(Edit: Added YouTube Link, Nevo-Steven)
Just realized I can't post a link cus I'm a new member I can't post links ( lol WHY ?) but anyway my youtube name is the same as my name here YzMichie. Look me up check out my videos maybe sub www.youtube.com/user/yzmichie

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