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My name is suekam.

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My name is suekam.

What would you rather see in a youtube video?

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1 My name is suekam. on Fri Sep 14, 2012 7:38 pm


I greet all of you in a warm and cordial fashon.

I live in a solar system whose star I refer to as "Sol", on the third planet out, which I am partial to calling "Earth", I am accompanied by about 6 Billion other creatures of a similar carbon based life form, in the nation "America", land of the taxed.

A very poor education led me to believe I could make a living as a Nevo Director. However, my attempts to make contact with this great entity have proven fruitless as of now. I send them videos of a comedic nature, and they never upload them, I ask them why this is, and they ignore My messages. Never fear though, for someday they shall recognize me for the great mind that I am, despite the fact that my body's shape resembles that of a potato.

I make Minecraft videos, and pretty much whatever else I feel like. I am awful at marketing, so I have virtually no subscribers. It would be great if the 7 of you reading this could check it out, under the username. "thesuicidekamikazi".

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Welcome to Nevo

My Contact Info:
Skype: Smeyer401 Smeyer40
Twitter: @Smeyer40

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